Make InvokeRequired/Invoke easy

The problem

If you’re working on WinForms, you must know that you cannot call controls methods within a thread that is not the one that created those controls. To solve this problem, Microsoft recommend us to use the following code :

This code is ugly because :

  • you need to create a delegate for each single public method you can call from outside
  • you need to put an “if/else” block in each method wich increase the complexity of your code

The trick

Here is a trick that could significantly reduce the amount of code needed to do the same job within a large project.

Within you base class

You probably have a common base class for all your UI components. Add this method :

Within your UI classes

Now the only thing you need to do is to encapsulate the methode content with the ThreadSafe() method :

Happy coding !

5 thoughts on “Make InvokeRequired/Invoke easy”

  1. Hi German,

    The Display() can have any modifier on it, it does’nt matter.

    You could make it ‘private’ and remove the ‘virtual’ keyword if you don’t want other classes to have access to it.


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