Software Development Engineer – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

My company is currently looking for great software developers in Saigon. If you’re not afraid of challenges and are really passionate about programming, then read this job description!
If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact me at : manitra [at] manitra [dot] net.


Criteo delivers personalized performance advertising at an extensive scale. Measuring return on post-click sales, Criteo makes ROI transparent and easy to measure.
Criteo has over 1,000 employees in 17 offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, serving over 6,000 advertisers worldwide with direct relationships with over 7,000 publishers.
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Software Development Engineer

We’re looking for passionate and hardworking software development engineers to build exceptional web applications for our customers and suppliers.

Your daily duties will be
– To code features in Javascript, HTML, Less (Front end) and C# (Back end)
– To write automated tests (unit tests and end to end tests) to be sure they work now and later
– To learn and share knowledge to others through seminars and documentation

We fully embrace the agile methodology in our day-to-day work:
– We show work in progress as soon as possible to clients and continuously adapt our work based on their feedbacks
– We deploy a new version of our applications at least every weeks
– We have several small teams (5 to 9 persons) and they are fully autonomous to deliver complete features to production
– Meetings are short, specific and timed
– Documents are concise, up to date and available on a searchable wiki

We apply best of breeze coding practices like
– Continuous integration: code is compiled, deployed and tested automatically after each commit
– Code reviews : everything is reviewed by your teammates to share knowledge and spot dirty stuffs
– Inversion of Control: Decouple classes to allow dependency injection so that it’s easier to debug, extend and test

We use great tools
– Visual Studio 2013, Resharper 8, Webstorm
– Git versioning control
– Jira Agile for Sprint management
– Confluence for documentation

Finally, our web applications are to be built upon the best technologies which includes
– Javascript and especially AnglurarJS, Twitter Bootstrap
– Asp.Net WebApi,
– Sql Server, MongoDb, Memcached


– Passionate about software development, really
– Willing to build great web sites
– Two successful years of experience in software development
– Ability to speak English
– Very good in at least one strongly typed and object oriented programing language (C#, Java, C++ ..)
– Very good in at least one loosely typed language (Javascript, Python, Php ..)
– Significant experience in writing automated tests
– Interested in cutting edge agile workflows
– Team player

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact me at : manitra [at] manitra [dot] net.

Criteo Code of Duty 2

Après une première session pleine de succès, Criteo remet ça.


Criteo organise un concours de programmation ouvert à tous les passionnés de programmation. Il y a 20 000 € à partager entre les 10 premiers (le premier empochant 10 000 €).

Quand et Ou

La première phase se fait sur le site de programmation le 02 Juin 2012 à midi. Pour vous inscrire il faut aller :

Comment ça se passe ?

Les qualificatifs

Les qualificatifs se dérouleront sur et voici le principe de fonctionnement :

  • vous ecrivez votre code sur le site directement (les languages autorisés sont : Java, C++, C#, Javascript, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, VB.NET, Objective-C et Lua)
  • vous choisissez vos données d’entrées (en général des tableaux d’entiers ou de chaines de caractères, vous pouvez créer plusieurs jeux de données)
  • vous cliquez sur un bouton pour compiler votre code et le tester avec les données d’entrées
  • le site vous informe si votre code a fonctionné avec les données saisies et si ce n’est pas le cas, vous avez du details sur les raisons de l’echec.

La finale

Quant à la finale, vous serez invité à venir au siège de Criteo (Paris) et cette étape se passera dans nos locaux directement.

Donc voila, il ne vous reste plus qu’à vous inscrire :

Criteo Publisher Marketplace : Claim you money starting from 50 USD/50EUR/50GBP

Starting from today, Criteo PM is reducing the minimum amount of money to get paid. The previous floor was 150€/$/£, and it is now as low as  50€/$/£, depending on your country.

If you have a website with more than 100k  displays a month and want to get more money, you can register now at Criteo PM and give it a try.

How could you get more money with Criteo PM ? here are the step :

  • calculate your current average CPM on your site
  • register to Criteo PM, and put a minimum CPM equal to your average value
  • put your current advertisement code in the Criteo PM “passback”  configuration
  • put the Criteo PM code on your web pages

Criteo will buy impressions at a price which is greater or equal to the minimum you set. And when we can’t buy it at that price (because we don’t know the end user), we’ll just drop your current advertisement code so that your usual ads are displayed (a passback).

Code of duty : le concours de programmation de Criteo

Criteo, ma société, lance un concours de programmation avec 10 000€ ou 20 IPAD2 à gagner. Les short listés auront de grandes chances d’être embauchés.

Si vous en avez marre des SSII ou des sociétés qui ne jurent que par le prestige des diplômes et que, comme moi vous êtes passionnés par la programmation, c’est le moment de vous bouger et de rejoindre le petit Google français.

p.s : ce n’est pas un jeu vidéo 🙂