Criteo Publisher Marketplace : Claim you money starting from 50 USD/50EUR/50GBP

Starting from today, Criteo PM is reducing the minimum amount of money to get paid. The previous floor was 150€/$/£, and it is now as low as  50€/$/£, depending on your country.

If you have a website with more than 100k  displays a month and want to get more money, you can register now at Criteo PM and give it a try.

How could you get more money with Criteo PM ? here are the step :

  • calculate your current average CPM on your site
  • register to Criteo PM, and put a minimum CPM equal to your average value
  • put your current advertisement code in the Criteo PM “passback”  configuration
  • put the Criteo PM code on your web pages

Criteo will buy impressions at a price which is greater or equal to the minimum you set. And when we can’t buy it at that price (because we don’t know the end user), we’ll just drop your current advertisement code so that your usual ads are displayed (a passback).

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